Monday, June 9, 2014

Tips For Designing An Outstanding Logo Design

So Finally, you are thinking of designing a logo for your brand? Perfect!!!! But wait. Are you considering this task to be an easy one to be accomplished? Just like others,  drawing a circle, typing in the company name and here you go…. I’ve factually perceived sound that a designer  has followed this process, which is not. This is the biggest misunderstood belief in this digital era. Unluckily, if you really worth the money of your client, then it’s the designer's duty to provide them the quality work.

Millions of  people are involved in the logo designing industry, nowadays for crowd sourcing sites, bulk of crappy logos are dishing out. How do you see yourself, differentiating in this competitive industry as a serious professional from the crowd. Along with this how can you produce quality logos that can appeal huge audience towards your brand?
Following are the tips, which make a logo distinctive from others:

Color is Fundamentally Essential

One of the main considerations for Logo Design is  selecting the suitable color from the color palette. This is not a simple decision to be made, each color has its own meaning attached to it. Each color carries different meaning and communicate ideas.

Avoid the Cliche

After a few years or so, multiple new fads come along in logo designing industry. Personally, I love to keep myself updated related to the new introduced trends in the logo designing industry just to keep up with the time, but when a bunch of designers keeps on using the same designing ideas over and over again, then it becomes unattractive. So avoiding cliche’s is the best option.

Make it Ownable

I am not sure either using the word ownable is suitable or not.  But on the other hand, you hear it quite a bit in marketing that marketers are good at creating new words. The concept is certainly an important one that binds closer to the previous tip.Since you’re the designer, all the effort used in designing logos is yours, one have a complete right to judge whether or not your design is common or exceptional.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Website Design Tips for Startup Businesses

The people who are in the online business world knows the importance of proper Website Creation for the startup, as often website remodeling and renovation is more difficult than initial website creation. It is due to the fact that your data size and customers grow by the passage of time and then it will be very difficult for you to cease the website’s operations in order to redesign it. A prudent option is therefore to incorporate proper strategies and designs at the startup in order to avoid complete redesigning after the website goes live.

1. The Vector Art Style
Images are the necessary component of any website and you will need hundreds of images to augment the visibility and attraction of your website. However, if images are not properly trimmed and sized, they will be pixelated if stretched a little greater than their resolution size. Customers visiting your website can have a Mac device, a tablet or a regular desktop PC. The resolution would differ for each device and so does the image quality. To maintain equal image quality, your images should be sized and trimmed using Adobe Illustrator to create vector images.

2.Auto Shaping Your Profile and Advertisements
The new web programming codes allows the website admin to auto fix an image into a shape, so that you do not have to shape every image that will go on your website. This saves a great time and efforts. Whenever you have to change one advertising banner or portfolio by the other, you will be only required to delete the previous one and drag the new image to the empty shape. It will be auto-fitted and you just have to drag the appropriate positioning of the image face by the simple use of computer mouse.

3.Infinite Scrolling
Your website data would surely grow by the passage of time, so it is advisable to deploy the infinite scrolling tool at the startup so that you do not have to adjust your data size every now and then to make the important data visible first. Infinite scrolling mode will allow your users to view the most recent data and drag down to see older data feeds.

Changing Trends in Logo Design

The Logo Design Industry has been on the verge of change since the last decade and the several iconic features have changed the perception and outlook of brand logo representation. The transition of change is so swift that it is intricate to figure out that when one feature or trend obsolete and is replaced by the other. The apparent need for organizations is to atleast understand the changing trend in order to stand parallel with the new design innovations and features.
1.      From Gaudiness to Simplicity
It isn’t long ago when logo design should to embed sharp and loud colors with bolded font. This was the strategy of catching the eye of viewers and making the brand visible in the first look. However, the trend of gaudiness was forced to be replaced by simplicity where stress was put on brand image rather than brand loud exposure. A simple design should be easy to remember but should not use colors and fonts that are too bold or sharp. This is currently perceived as unprofessional branding. 
2.      From Images to Mosaic Patterns
Mosaic patterns are the new style of brand representation, as there is a need of logo attraction if loud colors and other sharp fonts are not used in the design. Mosaic patterns are used as metaphorical representations of company’s value, vision and brand nature. Mosaic patterns are considered to be very efficient in terms of attracting customers as they portray an image that is though simple but takes some time to understand the hidden message behind it. For this reason, such design patterns are imprinted in the minds of people longer than image used logos.
3.      From 2D to 3D
Another shift in trend that has made a prominent place in the corporate market is of the 3D logo designs. Logos of Apple, Oddessey and Vivitube are some of the common examples of the 3D logos. There has been no sound evidence of the impression of 3D logo to be more vivid than the 2D one, but since it is in trend right now, it significant should not be overlooked.

Friday, April 19, 2013

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Designing a Professional Logo Design

A professional trademark is the one that is used for representing the image of a corporation. It is used for preparing the design and creating a graphic symbol for an enterprise in an impressive manner possible.

A marketer can make use of a variety of tools and techniques in order to create an impressive trademark. An organization can easily make use of these techniques to design a custom logo. This trademark should be customized according to a person's needs and requirements. A person can easily communicate the message of an enterprise or the nature of business through the designing of an attractive graphic symbol.

There are many marketers who hire logo design studio or services to get a professional logo design created for their symbol. A person can easily make a corporate image with the help of the professional services. These companies have a team of experts that can easily and smoothly design the product or service of an organization.

These experts conduct research first before deciding on any design or pattern of a corporate image. Once the research is conducted and the professionals get to know about the enterprise, its nature of business or philosophy, the design elements are suggested. A complete session or meeting is organized on your project for selecting the designs and patterns for creating a corporate logo. Then selection of designs and patterns are taken into account. The designs, layouts, lines, alignments, colors, shapes, symbols are organized and selected so that they best reflect or represent the image of an organization. Through these visual elements a marketer can also communicate the message of an enterprise to the target audiences. If these elements are selected and designed carefully, the team of experts can prepare a design that is best to look at and it is the most legible one.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Logo Design A Visual Image

Every business must have an outstanding logo for their organization simply because every business is actually unique in its own way and the same spirit should be exuded when it comes to possessing a logo design chicago of a business.

Every business begins with a goal to accomplish something distinctive to its expected audience and once the basic objective is actually understood it provides sufficient scope to present the same principle in a visual form.Each and every business offers a distinctive goal, a unique strategy that helps them to display the difference through the service or over the products.

A stroll around several businesses can inform us exactly how these kinds of logos are working. Occasionally many of us face a few logos which happens to be extremely well designed, they’ve been so properly designed that they precisely express the image belonging to the business in its right spirit. Indeed they offer the business in its right point of view. As soon as we come face to face towards the logos there is a impression of inviting sensation that envelops the intended audience mind.

As soon as we come face to face to the logos you will find there’s perception of welcoming sense that envelops the intended audience mind. And when this experience is generated within the mind of intended audience it must be understood the logo has to a great extent enthused the crowd. This kind of impact is for sure going to be useful for the business because the effect stays long in the minds of its audience.

Precisely what plays in the minds of the audience as soon as they notice a handful of well recognized and widely recognized logos like Nike and McDonald’s, there exists a sense of bonding that connotes in the minds of their customers. Logos that are good, fetches instant recognition for the business and this can lead to longer lasting bond with the organizations. Renowned logo design have helped bring business overwhelming acceptance, quick acknowledgement, a unique corporate identity.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What You Must Know About Typeface Design

In the past few years, attitudes toward typeface design have changed significantly. The latest generations have grown up using computers, which now considerably influence all design decisions. The point of the matter is that typeface design is an ever-changing concept with new innovations being introduced regularly, and here are the top points to consider when it comes to cutting edge typography:

  1. History:

    Even if modern typeface designers are not all conscious of typeface history, topography as we know it today has still been developed and built on topography of the past. This wide history has given birth to much of the typeface design that we commonly use, meaning that it is important not to throw out the old with the new.

  2. Improve upon Design:

    Ideas in topography are just that: ideas. Typeface design needs to be critiqued, shaped, and developed to improve upon its original form. Even within a wider range of typeface design, it is important that users and designers are aware of how the typeface will look when printed, used online, or on different styles of paper.

  3. Learn Scale:

    One of the greatest skills that a typeface designer can possess is understanding how to scale shapes at a particular size where they will still look suitable when reproduced larger or smaller. Typeface designers have an eye for detail in that they can assess an entire page or paragraph of text to influence their overall design choices.

  4. Use Tools:

    Typeface design is influenced and shaped by writing tools, including graffiti, handwritten signs, and public lettering. In these instances, the typeface designer must be constantly aware of his or her surroundings to garner everything they can from their environment to influence their design.